Our Unique Christmas Tradition #othermothers

The pumpkins and cauldrons have gone away but the skulls still remain. The Halloween season has passed, now to roll on the cheerful Christmas vibes.

The shops are decked out from top to bottom; from festive foods to luxury gifts. The street are sparkling, Christmas songs playing everywhere and christmas adverts on the telly. How can you not think about it.

Christmas thoughts happen all year around for us. Grabbing bargains when we see them to try to keep costs down. A lot easier when they are younger as they are pleased by most things. Mainly the box or wrapping it came in. We really start getting organised for Christmas after Halloween. Sorting what we have, planning what else needs to be brought and planning the naughty elf’s antics.

Lately I’ve been looking at old photos reminiscing those happy memories with loved ones around this festive time. Some not so good memories aswell, as I’m sure we all have them also. That brings me onto the #othermothers topic for this month.

‘Christmas Traditions’

We have the traditional things like pigs in blankets, brussels, turkey, leave snacks out for Santa and his reindeers etc. That’s the traditional traditions and most people will know of them already, so I won’t bore you with writing about them. I do love a tradition but I love my late Dad’s tradition even more and you will find out why. This tradition started when I was in my early twenties, so it’s never to late to start one. I had just moved into my first home with my future husband and young son. We had everything we needed. It got my Dad thinking as to what to get us and was also struggling with what to get my older brother. He thought he would give money so we could get what we wanted but that was boring.

He had an idea to do a money jar; he would fill a jar with one and two pound coins, even a few notes folded up on the sides. Then he would allow us to take one grab like a teddy machine at the arcades. No scooping allowed (one of the many rules; which he would state at the beginning of this event).

It was always a big success and lots of fun. Everyone smiling and laughing as he would joke about how much people had grabbed. You could tell in his face how much he loved it and I finally appreciate my ‘man hands’.

Sadly my Dad passed away in 2015 and we didn’t do the money jar that year. It was a hard time but the following year my mum took over the tradition in memory of him. He loved this time of the year and would want us to enjoy it as much as he did.

Have you got any unique traditions in your household? I would love to hear about them in the comments or on my social media platforms.


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