Family Quiz & Funny Forfeits

In my previous blog, I talked about Quizzes that me and my family do; via the internet. We like to make the quizzes ourselves, so that we can select topics that we are interested in or we have been learning about (while homeschooling). This way we can make it more personal and likely that we … Continue reading Family Quiz & Funny Forfeits

#frugalfridaychitchat – Our Top 5 Free Indoor Family Nights

Family nights are all about having fun and making cherished memories. It doesn’t need to cost much, if any to achieve this. Below is our family’s top five. 5. Starting backwards at number five is a good old classic Movie Night. We would try to have pizza on the night for dinner, snacks for the … Continue reading #frugalfridaychitchat – Our Top 5 Free Indoor Family Nights